Make Your Residential Move in the Columbia & Lexington, SC Area Hassle-Free

Whole-home moving is easy with the help of our experienced residential movers

Maybe you're moving to be closer to your new job. Maybe you want to get your kids in a better school district. Regardless of your reason for moving, the pros at Need It Moved? LLC are here to help. Whether you're moving down the road or out of state, our helpful movers can make the process stress-free.

Trust us to take your unique schedule, packing needs, delivery requests and budget into account when we help you move in or around Columbia & Lexington, SC. For more information about our residential services, contact our moving company today.

Check out our all-inclusive moving services

Wondering what's included in our residential moving services? Rely on our skilled movers to handle your:

Packing - We'll properly pack all of your belongings to prevent damage.
Loading - We'll move out items of all sizes and organize them in the truck.
Cleaning - We'll tidy up your empty home after your possessions are loaded.
Transporting - We'll ensure that your belongings get to their destination safely.
Unloading - We'll move your items from the truck into your new home.

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